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Patterns- 1.16.2017

Petra Nicoll is a spiritual coach and author of Petra’s Ashes. We will discuss life patterns and how they influence us.


Quantum Change- 1.23.2017

Julia Griffin is an intuitive and has received much important information from wolves. We are living in the age of Aquarius which represents the quantum field. Julia and I will discuss how to call in higher vibrational energies to create change in a new way that works in the new energies.

lauriehuston-img-300x222Getting To The HEART Of What Matters- 2.6.2017 

Laurie Huston  is my co-host and we will discuss how your perspective influences your reality. You can call in for a mini-reading with Laurie and an InnerSpeak clearing with me. Call in numbers are above.


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