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Soul Adventures Meditation CD

Are you ready to explore other dimensions of reality? This guided meditation is a journey of the Soul. You will be lifted from your third dimensional space to the fifth, seventh, eighth and ninth dimensions where you will be able to create the reality you desire to manifest on the physical plane, see your Soul aspects and meet your Angels, Teachers, Guides and the Ascended Masters. You will be guided through a cord-cutting ceremory to release yourself from energies that are not your own, freeing yourself to be all that you can be! The meditation is accompanied by haunting, original melodies created on Native American Flute by Teresa Texeira, nationally acclaimed flautist.

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Liberation – A Guided Meditation to the music of Jonn Serrie

Allow the angelic music of Grammy-nominated composer and musician, Jonn Serrie, to relax you into a place where Jean Adrienne can lead you on a journey to freedom–From the past and all that has ever kept you from being all that you can be and having everything your heart desires.

This meditation is focused on detaching and releasing, letting go of old belief systems and other things that no longer serve you.

The musical background comes from Jonn’s Epiphany album and features his rendition of “Amazing Grace”. You can meditate 25 minutes. Enjoy!

CD mastered at Future Music, Lawrenceville GA.

Jonn’s website is

Price: $16.95
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Universal Symbol Charger Disk

This powerful symbol dates back to Atlantean times, and it was re-discovered some years ago. The frequency of it is stored on this disk, which can be used to clear/charge food, beverage, personal items and much more.

What can this tool do for you? People who are using the disk are reporting physical healings, spiritual illumination and increased perception.

The Disk comes with an instruction manual and suggestions for optimum use.

Price: $15.00
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Reframe Your World – Audio Book

Reframe Your World – Conscious Living In The New Reality is available in audio, read by the author. It is a 2 CD boxed set.

Price: $26.95
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Activate and Remember Movie MP4 Download

This is a meditation movie that will present 40 of the Reconnecting Soul DNA activation glyphs for you to integrate. The background music is Deep Mystery by Jonn Serrie from his Lumina Nights CD.

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