Let Go and Let GOD!

Many of us spent 2017 releasing, letting go of stuff, people, places and more. That is all good, because if you want to receive more in your life, it helps to clear space for it to enter. But how many of us are still holding onto control—trying to make things happen, failing to wait patiently for the right stuff to come?

If we listen and watch for the signs, we will always be guided. God knows better than we do what is in our best interest. If left to our own plans, we will almost always settle for less than the Divine Plan.

This is a year to stop settling and ALLOW! Join me!

Happy 2018 to everyone—Much love as well!

When One Door Closes, Another One Opens~

I am reinventing myself! It’s the perfect thing to do during mercury retrograde actually. I have sold my home in the mountains, and will move to Tallahassee Florida this week, to be closer to my daughter and granddaughter, and to begin a new chapter in my amazing life. So, if you are located in the Florida Panhandle, I will be seeing clients there after Labor Day (and still using the phone/skype/zoom.) I have released, purged, cleansed and cleared, and I will be creating from a blank slate!

First, I want to thank everyone who supported me so beautifully with your thoughts and prayers as I moved through my accident and eye injury. Two weeks ago I received my scleral shell, so I am basically back to normal (except that I lost vision in my left eye); no  more pain and looking like I used to!

Next, as part of this reinventing thing, I realized I haven’t been as present in the world as I used to be, so here goes: I am offering a bunch of classes online & live for now, and then when I get my office set up in Tallahassee, in person. I am also free to travel to YOUR area to teach so if you want to host me, pop me an email.

Here are the first classes. I have taught them before, but I’ve added new material based on the new energies and information I have received, so they are fresh:

October 7, 11AM Eastern – Healing With The 7 Rays: This powerful modality is one of my favorite ‘go-to’s’ in my toolbag. In this class you will meet and learn to work with Ascended Masters and the energies and frequencies of color and the seven healing rays. It’s both hand-on and remote, fast and intense. The cost for the class is $144.

October 21 – 11AM Eastern – Karuna Ki: Another hands-on tool, Karuna Ki is another form of Reiki. Karuna means ‘compassionate’, but I have to say this is a kick-butt form of Reiki with its capacity to drill down to the source of the issue and clear it. Cost for the class is $144.

In November I will offer an Introduction to InnerSpeak webinar. This will be a low cost intro for people who are interested in becoming a healing coach, using the tool that I created almost 20 years ago. It’s helped thousands all over the globe to release the blocks that have held them back – and it can help you, too! Stay tuned for more information!

And stay tuned to my world – let’s see how this whole process unfolds! These are exciting times!

Self Love

We come here to Earth to master lessons about love, and the most important one is self love. Love is the truth of our essence, but how many of us remember that. When we are born, we are a clean slate. We don’t even know that we are a girl or a boy, what country we live in now or what language we are supposed to speak. We just are—a being of love. Our personality begins to be shaped by our family and the world around us from day one. Gradually we are molded into the persona we carry today, and even though we might have been raised by loving parents, chances are we still hold limiting beliefs about who and what we are.

It’s time to re-member. This starts by remembering to love ourselves. One way to accomplish this is to ask your higher self to activate the vibration of self love inside you so that you can become that, and model that love out into the world. As you love yourself you will begin to see the truth of everyone else. They were born into this world just like you, and depending on their circumstances, their ability to love and be loved was shaped just like yours was. So be gentle with yourself and everyone else. Don’t judge—simply love. It’s an inside job…


It’s a day of magic! We have been moving through very interesting times as Light just keeps pouring onto the planet. Our challenge is to integrate the new frequencies we’ve received, and today we are supported in doing this as we play the game of life. Times of transition are not always easy; they can be pretty messy actually, but as you know your truth, you keep moving forward.
Martin Luther King said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

Use Your Good Judgment To Master Spiritual Lessons

With each day that passes, we are getting better at figuring out the new game of life. We’re starting to put the puzzle pieces in their proper places, and the big picture is beginning to appear. This is helping us to integrate all the work we’ve done over the past year or so (finally). Manifestation and conscious creation appear to be challenges for many of us right now, but that is merely an illusion, the last vestiges of duality making them appear that way. Your good judgment will win out, however, so that you can see things as they truly are. You are a creator, manifesting in concert with your Body, the consummate, powerful manifestor that it is.

Good judgment is one of out spiritual lessons, and by using it to see through illusion, you are actually mastering this lesson. When you are able to stay in alignment with your truth, you have greater access to spiritual guidance, which assists in gaining this mastery.

For many of us, boundaries are a challenge, making it difficult to know which guidance to follow (ie: is this my ego, does he/she know more than I, why can’t I hear my guidance?) The key to gaining clarity here is self love. When you love yourself enough to stand in your power, the power of your true nature, that guidance flows vertically, supporting you totally.

What Are You Waiting For?

Most of you reading my blogs are focused on creation, conscious creation of a higher vibration and more sustainable greater reality. The challenge we face is that the game board we are playing on keeps changing, such that the rules of the game that applied yesterday aren’t working today. It’s disorienting and frustrating, isn’t it?

It’s more important now than ever before to: 1) stay present and grounded and 2) remember that we are multi-dimensional beings that are having this human experience. When you do these you are able to connect to higher vibrational grids that DO have the capacity to support you in creating healthier, more sustainable ways of being.  Take the time to go into the silence and let your Higher Self help you to locate the aspect of you that has already mastered the game board. Have that aspect share the energetic information that will assist you in navigating today’s shifting sands. All you have to do is ASK!

Open To Receive

Receiving isn’t easy or natural for most of us. Sometimes it takes a major jolt to open us to what receiving is all about. I had been opening to receive and focused on it for the last year, but the events of the last six weeks put me in a place where receiving became a necessity. Amazing people stepped up to support me when I couldn’t take care of myself, and I had to let them. Some profound awareness came in through all this.

When we allow others to give to us, at any level, we open a flow of love. I watched people grow (and glow) through giving to me, and I could feel my own heart open every time I said ‘thank you’.

God’s grace is flowing to us constantly, and all too often we don’t accept it. Maybe we think we aren’t deserving. Regardless, when we don’t open to receive grace and the flow of blessings, we miss a huge opportunity for growth. The beauty of grace is that it has nothing to do with deserving. It’s a gift of unconditional love.

Challenge or Opportunity?

We are constantly being presented with stuff. How we choose to look at what is in front of us is up to us. This goes back to the question of whether the glass is half full or half empty, doesn’t it?

Some of the stuff that shows up doesn’t appear to be very pleasant, but whether it is viewed as a challenge or an opportunity actually impacts the energy of whatever it is. It starts a shift that can actually create the outcome—bring in a different one from the field of pure potential.

If you view it as a challenge, that is what you are creating. However, regardless of what you choose to see, the situation is an opportunity. It can either be an opportunity for growth or an opportunity for struggle.

The scary part is that the choice is up to you! Whatever you choose to see is what you will create. That is a heck of a responsibility! In the past, when we were less aware of our power, it was easier. We could simply dismiss anything as fate. Many people have used the term ‘God’s will.’ In other words, failure to take any personal responsibility for the things that happen. We are all to quick to claim it when the outcome is good, though. “I really worked hard.” “She deserved to win.” etc.

I have used the term ‘blesson’ for years to describe the idea that there are always blessings in every lesson. Sometimes you have to look really deeply to find them but these golden nuggets are always there waiting to be discovered. Think about this the next time you are facing one of those so called challenges. Flip it and let it become an opportunity to learn something new about your power to create!

Follow Your Dream~

As many of you are aware, I have been studying Human Design and the Gene Keys with my friend Tuck Self. I have learned a great deal about myself in this process and the unfolding continues. Recently, Tuck was telling me that the shadow of some of my Gene Keys has to do with giving up on my dreams. I didn’t resonate with this because on the surface I am living my dreams—successful coaching practice, success with my books, comfortable lifestyle, etc.

As I dug deeper into what this might mean, I realized that it was more serious than giving up on my dreams. Literally, I couldn’t even tell myself what my dreams were! That was a shock! After extended meditation and pondering this I remembered. My dream had always been to be accepted and appreciated. Upon getting that, I could see how many relationships, jobs, organizations and situations I had been a part of over the years where I was NOT appreciated or accepted. Wow. I know that acceptance and appreciation has to begin within, and I’ve reached a point in my evolution where I DO accept and appreciate myself, and don’t need that from anyone outside me.

I have made a commitment to myself that going forward, everything I do will be a step in the direction of my dreams or I will not do it, and anyone or anything that is not in alignment with my dreams will be let go.

I offer this to you for your own inner work. Is there a place in your life where you have forgotten YOUR dream or quit before you got it?

The Big Picture

It’s so much larger than we think—so much bigger than we can comprehend. Last weekend I was given a momentary glimpse of the divine plan, the big picture, and I was able to see connections I never realized existed. It was amazing, and left me with a lasting feeling of peace and trust.

Everything is connected. The old adage of the movement of a butterfly’s wing is felt on the other side of the world is true. Every choice we make impacts so much more than just our lives, but potentially touches many others at the same time, and potentially prepares you to have just the right information that you will need to respond to a question at some point down the line, to be able to share with someone exactly what they need at that moment.

There are no accidents and no coincidences. Once you can get this concept, life becomes so much easier, freer, because you just know that everything you do is right. As long as you follow your heart and listen to your inner guidance, you will be in alignment—in the right place at the right time.

Find your truth. Let it guide your choices. Be that for the world!