Challenge or Opportunity?

We are constantly being presented with stuff. How we choose to look at what is in front of us is up to us. This goes back to the question of whether the glass is half full or half empty, doesn’t it?

Some of the stuff that shows up doesn’t appear to be very pleasant, but whether it is viewed as a challenge or an opportunity actually impacts the energy of whatever it is. It starts a shift that can actually create the outcome—bring in a different one from the field of pure potential.

If you view it as a challenge, that is what you are creating. However, regardless of what you choose to see, the situation is an opportunity. It can either be an opportunity for growth or an opportunity for struggle.

The scary part is that the choice is up to you! Whatever you choose to see is what you will create. That is a heck of a responsibility! In the past, when we were less aware of our power, it was easier. We could simply dismiss anything as fate. Many people have used the term ‘God’s will.’ In other words, failure to take any personal responsibility for the things that happen. We are all to quick to claim it when the outcome is good, though. “I really worked hard.” “She deserved to win.” etc.

I have used the term ‘blesson’ for years to describe the idea that there are always blessings in every lesson. Sometimes you have to look really deeply to find them but these golden nuggets are always there waiting to be discovered. Think about this the next time you are facing one of those so called challenges. Flip it and let it become an opportunity to learn something new about your power to create!

Follow Your Dream~

As many of you are aware, I have been studying Human Design and the Gene Keys with my friend Tuck Self. I have learned a great deal about myself in this process and the unfolding continues. Recently, Tuck was telling me that the shadow of some of my Gene Keys has to do with giving up on my dreams. I didn’t resonate with this because on the surface I am living my dreams—successful coaching practice, success with my books, comfortable lifestyle, etc.

As I dug deeper into what this might mean, I realized that it was more serious than giving up on my dreams. Literally, I couldn’t even tell myself what my dreams were! That was a shock! After extended meditation and pondering this I remembered. My dream had always been to be accepted and appreciated. Upon getting that, I could see how many relationships, jobs, organizations and situations I had been a part of over the years where I was NOT appreciated or accepted. Wow. I know that acceptance and appreciation has to begin within, and I’ve reached a point in my evolution where I DO accept and appreciate myself, and don’t need that from anyone outside me.

I have made a commitment to myself that going forward, everything I do will be a step in the direction of my dreams or I will not do it, and anyone or anything that is not in alignment with my dreams will be let go.

I offer this to you for your own inner work. Is there a place in your life where you have forgotten YOUR dream or quit before you got it?

The Big Picture

It’s so much larger than we think—so much bigger than we can comprehend. Last weekend I was given a momentary glimpse of the divine plan, the big picture, and I was able to see connections I never realized existed. It was amazing, and left me with a lasting feeling of peace and trust.

Everything is connected. The old adage of the movement of a butterfly’s wing is felt on the other side of the world is true. Every choice we make impacts so much more than just our lives, but potentially touches many others at the same time, and potentially prepares you to have just the right information that you will need to respond to a question at some point down the line, to be able to share with someone exactly what they need at that moment.

There are no accidents and no coincidences. Once you can get this concept, life becomes so much easier, freer, because you just know that everything you do is right. As long as you follow your heart and listen to your inner guidance, you will be in alignment—in the right place at the right time.

Find your truth. Let it guide your choices. Be that for the world!

Rock & Roll~

As we continue in this flow of evolution, what are you noticing? Physical stuff like dizziness, aches and pains and/or emotional periods? For me it has been exhaustion. I have spent countless hours in bed over the last two weeks.

The message I am getting is that our soul is evolving rapidly as more light pours onto the planet, but due to the density of the physical body, it is having a hard time keeping up.

Here are some suggestions to support you on your personal journey to enLIGHTenment:

  • Talk to your body, even to your cells. Remind your body, like you the soul, that it expresses itself in many dimensions and suggest that it locate the highest vibrational aspect of itself to reflect its energy to your body on this physical plane.
  • Ask and intend that your 26 genetic codons increase their vibration to the highest possible frequency.
  • Open your heart center to allow even more light and love to enter because the more love you hold, the more light you can hold and then the higher your DNA can evolve.

We are no longer limited by our genetic predisposition. We CAN be all we want to be. Stay strong and rest. Allow yourself to move gracefully through this amazing time. Pushing does’t help–it actually slows the process. Patience is your gift.

Great Shifts Keep Happening!

Some amazing energetic shifts have taken place on our planet just this week, and we aren’t done with this whole mutation process I talked about in my last newsletter.  There is a huge amount of support for each of us to achieve our goals. Doors have opened to allow us to forgive even stuff we had totally forgotten had happened, and resources we didn’t even know we had are awakening within each of us. What a cool time to be alive!

So, if you are reading this and thinking ‘Whaaa? Did I miss something?’ Trust me—you didn’t. Nobody has! Each of us is just at a different place in our awakening, so it doesn’t serve to compare yourself to me or anyone else. It’s all unfolding exactly as it is supposed to.

As Matt Kahn teaches, ‘whatever arises, love that’. And as you love yourself and everyone and everything that pops up for you, you will clear the way to see all the wonderful stuff that is opening for us all.

If I can assist in any way, let me know. Don’t forget about my complimentary consultation offer on the home page of my website and the DNA Activation Webinar that started July 27.

DNA Mutation

With the planetary energies that we have just gone through, and are still going through in the Grand Cross, an amazing thing is occurring. We are mutating! Our DNA is actually changing, releasing more of our innate potential into the world. Some years ago i created the Reconnecting Soul: 142 DNA Activation Cards. They were a gift from Spirit, and came with little (read no) instructions as to what they were or really how to best use them. Last year I was guided to write the ‘book’ with detail on each of the cards. My agent sent it to every publisher with no takers. Now I understand! This information had to wait until we were ready for it as a collective, due to this mutation.

Every strand of our DNA, physical and etheric, has received the massive light influx this summer and they are all shifting to a higher expression—as are we all. What a great time to be alive!

Anyway, I want to make this information available to those who are ready, and this is going to happen initially as an online webinar. The registration information is below, and my gift to those who want to dive deeply into their potential is the preliminary copy of the book in addition to all 142 activations. This series is probably going to take 10 weeks to complete, depending on how many activations we can do each week.

Hang in there, y’all! Mars will be direct next week and the wind will once again fill your sails to support all the dreams you have created in recent weeks. We are all growing together, because we are all ONE!


Here are some things that are just given—we are all co-creators, we are constantly
creating in every moment with every thought, everything that manifests on the physical
plane was first created in a higher reality. Oh, I forgot—we are all multidimensional

What this means is that the stuff that appears to you is your creation, whether it’s
something you like or something you don’t. Once you take responsibility and become
accountable for that, you have a better handle on how to make everything be more to
your liking than the opposite!

You create in many realities. Here are just a few: during your dreamtime, by the words
you speak, with the things you write, even as you sing along to the songs on the radio
(and depending on the type of music you listen to, this can be particularly scary!) The
higher the vibration of the reality you work in, the faster and more accurate the
manifestation you receive.

The problem that many of us encounter is that creation is happening all the time, and
most of the time we are not conscious of what we are thinking. You have hundreds, if
not thousands, of thoughts every minute. Some are happy thoughts, some are worries,
and many are fear-based. Because fear is such a potent emotion, and emotions are
fueler creation, those things that tend to manifest quickly into reality are the fear related
things unfortunately.

Doubt is another form of fear. When you are thinking about what you want, but at the
same time doubt your ability to actually achieve it, you negate that creation. Even
asking questions such as ‘I wonder if this is going to happen’ interjects that energy of
doubt into the process. The same goes for yearning. Think back to when you were a
child and wanted a certain toy for your birthday, for example. If you asked your parents
to get it and let it go, they probably did. If you drove them crazy, nagging, begging, the
results might have turned out differently. Therefore, the lesson here is to trust in the
process. Make your request on the Universe and let it go, knowing that if your desire is
in alignment with your highest good, it will appear in perfect time.

Here are some tips to assist you in getting what you want:

  • Get very clear on what you want. For example, if it’s a relationship, you have to be
    committed to that desire and let go of all the fears around commitment
  • Call in the assistance of the aspect of yourself that is expressing in the highest
    possible reality to support you there in creating what you desire
  • Give thanks to God (your Higher Power, Spirit, etc.) for already HAVING whatever
    you are desiring—as if you already have it
  • Engage all your faculties in this with excitement and energy. So, write your gratitude
    letter, read it out loud with enthusiasm. Sing about it and feel how it feels to receive
  • Watch for the synchronicities that begin to happen when you set this into motion and
    give thanks for every little demonstration that you are getting closer to your desired

This is a tried and true conscious creation method. If it works for me it can work for you
as well!

Jean Adrienne is the creator of the InnerSpeak process for personal and life coaching
and offers healing and clearing sessions via phone or Skype. Her website is

Aligning With Spring Equinox Energies

We always want to make the best out of every opportunity that comes our way. As we enter this powerful time of the year, the spring equinox, we find that the wind is at our back, supporting us to make a fresh start. Many of us have spent the last few months cleansing away all the stuff—energies, old beliefs and programs—that no longer serve us. The way is clear now to step out and create something brand new!

Here are a few things you might consider:

  • Make a space for some alone time – One of the best spring strategies is meditation – or simply getting away and getting quiet because it creates more space between your thoughts and helps you to move from your messy mind stuff and become more centered and grounded. Even just 20 to 30 minutes a day will be very beneficial.
  • Examine and separate your emotions – The ability to manage multiple problems and maintain emotional control while solving each problem individually is a giant tool you can add to your bag. Don’t get bogged down in every little detail of every little problem and become overwhelmed. When you don’t get tangled in emotions, you can be grounded in logical problem solving.
  • Choose to be more decisive – Indecisiveness clogs your mind. Stop being timid and trust in your own abilities. Become courageous and confident. Learn to make a decision and be fully responsible for the outcome.
  • Forgive yourself and others – Forgiveness is a learned experience that you do for yourself—not the one you forgive. Learn to release your enemies and move on. This frees you to have more joy in your life. Begin with yourself, then move on to everyone else. I like to add ‘whether I am aware of the person or not’, because all too often, we don’t even remember the grievances we are holding onto in our subconscious. Simply remember that we are all humans and make mistakes and errors in judgment.
  • Take time to have FUN – What brings a smile to your face? When was the last time you just did something for the sake of having fun? Make some time every day to enjoy life, laugh and smile. Again – this is for you, not anyone else. You deserve FUN!

Passion is a wonderful fuel. As you take time to listen to the inner voice of inspiration, allow your passion to help you to take the nuggets you receive and move them into manifestation in your outer world.

I’m a huge fan of journaling. When you ask the Universe to help you move forward and listen to the response you get, it helps to write it down so you don’t forget it! Writing engages your conscious mind. Follow this up by reading what you wrote aloud—this will hook the other half of your brain into the equation, and will put more emphasis onto your thoughts.

Just like the spring rains and sunshine bring flowers into bloom, your thoughts are creative—plant them like seeds and watch to see what beauty will spring forth!

Jean Adrienne is the developer of InnerSpeak, a karmic clearing tool. Her InnerSpeak Cards are available on iTunes as a ap and as a card deck on amazon. Her website is

Fasten Your Seat Belt!

We are in for an interesting ride – and we signed up for it! Things are changing in our worlds—both in our inner and the outer ones—at a very rapid pace now. I am finding that no sooner than I figure out I’m blocked, I can clear it and move into a much higher space, it I choose to. Choice is the key word here!

How many times have you gotten really close to finishing something or getting what you really wanted and just gave up? Stopped just short of the prize? We are poised on the brink of an amazing time in the history of humanity—the time we have all been waiting for. We have studied, meditated, prayed, cleared—all in preparation for this moment. But when we look around, what do we see? Turmoil, struggle, fear, and talk of impending doom? Now is not the time to waiver. It’s the time to buckle up and put on our courage.

We are at a tipping point where each of us has choices to make—difficult choices. Positive choices. The old ways of life and doing things just don’t work anymore. It’s time for us to choose differently.

In the past we have repeatedly settled for less than we could have gotten or achieved. Either we gave up and quit before we manifested our desired result or we tried to tell the Universe how to deliver it. Any time we think we know what is best or are attached to being right, we settle for that, and we get in the way of the Universe’s ability to provide the highest possible solution.  It’s almost like we push the best option out of the way in our desire for getting what we want.

Let’s start doing things differently. Go for the gold! Let GO and let God help you get there!

The Old Ways Just Don’t Work Anymore!

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome, yet we continue to use old, outdated beliefs and expect our lives to get better.

Recently I caught myself doing this, and I had a giant epiphany. I love the teachings of Matt Kahn ( I few months back he put out a YouTube teaching that said that the eternal question of ‘Who Am I?’ is really better put when we consider ‘Who Am I When I Am Not Getting My Way?’

I realized that I had created a bunch of angst for myself because I was trying to force-fit something new into an old belief structure that I’d held for years. It wasn’t turning out the way I thought it should and I was having mini hissy fits about it – totally disturbing my peace! As I began examining what was going on more closely I realized I was being given an opportunity to expand my beliefs and to grow organically…if I would open to that. Interesting concept!

Jesus taught us that we shouldn’t put new wine into old wineskins, and I believe this is exactly what he meant.

I got it—and peace is restored. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I offer this thought to you so that you might stay in peace by letting go of old ways of looking at life and expanding to include new possibilities! Have FUN with this!