We are constantly being presented with stuff. How we choose to look at what is in front of us is up to us. This goes back to the question of whether the glass is half full or half empty, doesn’t it?

Some of the stuff that shows up doesn’t appear to be very pleasant, but whether it is viewed as a challenge or an opportunity actually impacts the energy of whatever it is. It starts a shift that can actually create the outcome—bring in a different one from the field of pure potential.

If you view it as a challenge, that is what you are creating. However, regardless of what you choose to see, the situation is an opportunity. It can either be an opportunity for growth or an opportunity for struggle.

The scary part is that the choice is up to you! Whatever you choose to see is what you will create. That is a heck of a responsibility! In the past, when we were less aware of our power, it was easier. We could simply dismiss anything as fate. Many people have used the term ‘God’s will.’ In other words, failure to take any personal responsibility for the things that happen. We are all to quick to claim it when the outcome is good, though. “I really worked hard.” “She deserved to win.” etc.

I have used the term ‘blesson’ for years to describe the idea that there are always blessings in every lesson. Sometimes you have to look really deeply to find them but these golden nuggets are always there waiting to be discovered. Think about this the next time you are facing one of those so called challenges. Flip it and let it become an opportunity to learn something new about your power to create!