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InnerSpeak Method – Level One Training ONLINE

Are you ready for a breakthrough in money, business, relationships, life purpose – even health? Would you like to erase pain from your childhood, other lifetimes, even inherited? We all have the power to change our reality, but sometimes we aren’t able to see that because of the distractions or old programs which get in our way. If you could have a tool that would enable you to be more powerful than you ever dreamed, to create good health, wealth, love, what would it be worth to you?

InnerSpeak gives you the ability to shift your reality by removing the old beliefs, fears, programming and misconceptions that keep you stuck in a place where you have to settle for less than you deserve. While I offer private sessions to clear these blocks, you get much more for your time and money if you learn this process for yourself! Once you are confident with clearing your own blocks, you are ready to create a profitable coaching business by assisting others to do the same! This is an all-inclusive certification package that includes:

  • LIVE online training classes in the InnerSpeak Method
  • Business Accelleration Tactics to assist you in building your business
  • BONUS – Soul Adventures & Liberation Meditation MP3’s
  • BONUS – private practice sessions with me

At the conclusion of this online series you will be able to conduct InnerSpeak Breakthrough Coaching sessions on yourself and others. You can create your own coaching business or add this tool to your existing one. Certificate of completion is provided. Following each live webinar you schedule a private session with me for clarification and practice. If you would like to attend but need a payment plan to make this class affordable, please email me at, and I will work with you!

Your Investment In Yourself and Your Future Is $333.

This class will be done using Zoom.  The next training will begin February 25, 2023 at 9AM Eastern.

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InnerSpeak Method – PRACTITIONER Online Training Package (level one is a pre-requisite)

Now you can become certified as an InnerSpeak Practitioner/Teacher through web-based training. You, too, can be a member of this exclusive community and receive all the templates for building a self-sustaining and profitable coaching business using the powerful InnerSpeak Method. This class includes:

  • Five 90 minute webinars
  • Five 1 hour coaching sessions with Jean Adrienne on business strategy and technique
  • Full InnerSpeak manual containing all 144 files
  • Class materials for teaching the Level One trainings
  • Class materials for teaching two complimentary trainings to build momentum for your classes
  • Promotion on my website

Your investment for all this is $555. Payment plans are available. Level One Training is the pre-requisite, and you still have time to complete it before the first class! » Click Below To Purchase

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Reconnecting Soul – Unlock YOUR DNA!

The time is NOW, and your potential is waiting. Are you ready?

This powerful workshop will take you through all 142 DNA activations. Each will be explained in detail so that you can understand the process as you unlock these keys to your gifts and abilities—your Divine Birthright!

The cost for this series is $144 and you can register here –

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Reframe Your World –
A Multidimensionality Workshop

We are multidimensional beings living in a multidimensional reality. What does that mean? In this four class virtual event, you will have the opportunity to explore many concepts and learn how to capitalize on this beautiful gift so that you can be the best YOU possible. Each session is 90 minutes and includes lecture, meditation and activations. Your investment is $55.

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InnerSpeak Breakthrough Creation Process Level One Training


The InnerSpeak method will be taught online as a two weekend workshop by the developer, Jean Adrienne.

In this weekend you will learn:

  • Muscle Testing: what it is and how to do it
  • Chakras and How To Clear & Balance Them
  • Where & How Wounds and Blocks Are Created
  • How To Do A Complete InnerSpeak Clearing
  • The Spiritual Background Behind InnerSpeak

Your manual, lunch and snacks are included, and you will receive a certificate of completion.

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February 25, 2023, 9AM – 1PM

Jean Adrienne


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Personal Alchemy


In this 90 minute webinar, Jean teaches the basics of personal spiritual alchemy. The class includes clearings for each stage of the process as well as DNA activations to shift your energy and support your transformation.

February 4, 2023 10AM Eastern

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Jean Adrienne’s Clearing System Teacher Annual Enrollment


This required annual enrollment ensures the teacher’s registration on my page and with the system, the new manual and a Zoom class to be held in February of each year,


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Jean Adrienne


Calling In The Beloved


Are you ready to meet the mate you have been dreaming for? In this workshop you will clear the path for him/her to appear and learn how to make THIS relationship your healthiest and best yet.

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January 14, 2023,  2 PM EDT for 4 weeks

Jean Adrienne


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InnerSpeak Breakthrough Creation Process Practitioner Training


See above for details

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Happening NOW!

Jean Adrienne


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March 6, 2021 – 10AM-2PM at my home in Tallahassee

Are you ready to let go of Limits – Lack – Blocks? Once you realize there are no limits, you are free to create the live you desire (and deserve)!

Join Jean Adrienne and learn how to use dowsing to release the past and EVERYTHING that is holding you back from making the life you have always wanted HAPPEN!

In this 4 hour workshop you will learn:

  • tools to heal and clear yourself and others
  • how to calibrate energy and consciousness
  • how to do exorcisms and clear spaces
  • to remove hexes, spells and curses
  • soul fragment retrieval and returning
  • MUCH, Much more!
Your investment is only $44. Call 404-934-0714 or email to register