Here are some things that are just given—we are all co-creators, we are constantly
creating in every moment with every thought, everything that manifests on the physical
plane was first created in a higher reality. Oh, I forgot—we are all multidimensional

What this means is that the stuff that appears to you is your creation, whether it’s
something you like or something you don’t. Once you take responsibility and become
accountable for that, you have a better handle on how to make everything be more to
your liking than the opposite!

You create in many realities. Here are just a few: during your dreamtime, by the words
you speak, with the things you write, even as you sing along to the songs on the radio
(and depending on the type of music you listen to, this can be particularly scary!) The
higher the vibration of the reality you work in, the faster and more accurate the
manifestation you receive.

The problem that many of us encounter is that creation is happening all the time, and
most of the time we are not conscious of what we are thinking. You have hundreds, if
not thousands, of thoughts every minute. Some are happy thoughts, some are worries,
and many are fear-based. Because fear is such a potent emotion, and emotions are
fueler creation, those things that tend to manifest quickly into reality are the fear related
things unfortunately.

Doubt is another form of fear. When you are thinking about what you want, but at the
same time doubt your ability to actually achieve it, you negate that creation. Even
asking questions such as ‘I wonder if this is going to happen’ interjects that energy of
doubt into the process. The same goes for yearning. Think back to when you were a
child and wanted a certain toy for your birthday, for example. If you asked your parents
to get it and let it go, they probably did. If you drove them crazy, nagging, begging, the
results might have turned out differently. Therefore, the lesson here is to trust in the
process. Make your request on the Universe and let it go, knowing that if your desire is
in alignment with your highest good, it will appear in perfect time.

Here are some tips to assist you in getting what you want:

  • Get very clear on what you want. For example, if it’s a relationship, you have to be
    committed to that desire and let go of all the fears around commitment
  • Call in the assistance of the aspect of yourself that is expressing in the highest
    possible reality to support you there in creating what you desire
  • Give thanks to God (your Higher Power, Spirit, etc.) for already HAVING whatever
    you are desiring—as if you already have it
  • Engage all your faculties in this with excitement and energy. So, write your gratitude
    letter, read it out loud with enthusiasm. Sing about it and feel how it feels to receive
  • Watch for the synchronicities that begin to happen when you set this into motion and
    give thanks for every little demonstration that you are getting closer to your desired

This is a tried and true conscious creation method. If it works for me it can work for you
as well!

Jean Adrienne is the creator of the InnerSpeak process for personal and life coaching
and offers healing and clearing sessions via phone or Skype. Her website is