With the planetary energies that we have just gone through, and are still going through in the Grand Cross, an amazing thing is occurring. We are mutating! Our DNA is actually changing, releasing more of our innate potential into the world. Some years ago i created the Reconnecting Soul: 142 DNA Activation Cards. They were a gift from Spirit, and came with little (read no) instructions as to what they were or really how to best use them. Last year I was guided to write the ‘book’ with detail on each of the cards. My agent sent it to every publisher with no takers. Now I understand! This information had to wait until we were ready for it as a collective, due to this mutation.

Every strand of our DNA, physical and etheric, has received the massive light influx this summer and they are all shifting to a higher expression—as are we all. What a great time to be alive!

Anyway, I want to make this information available to those who are ready, and this is going to happen initially as an online webinar. The registration information is below, and my gift to those who want to dive deeply into their potential is the preliminary copy of the book in addition to all 142 activations. This series is probably going to take 10 weeks to complete, depending on how many activations we can do each week.

Hang in there, y’all! Mars will be direct next week and the wind will once again fill your sails to support all the dreams you have created in recent weeks. We are all growing together, because we are all ONE!