Eating The Elephant

Many of us have difficulty realizing our dreams because of the unseen obstacles that get between us and them. These blocks are are elephants allowing us to only see pieces and parts of what we desire—the front part or the tail end—but not the big picture.

What is this elephant comprised of? Unprocessed emotions, such as fear and loneliness, for sure, but it also is filled with a lot of ‘what if’s’. For example, what if the object of my desire doesn’t exist? Or, what if I get what I have been wanting but I lose it or it doesn’t want me? What are some of the ‘what it’s’ that are keeping you from pursuing your dream?

All to often, we allow that elephant to keep us waiting—waiting for it to move out of our way. There is the thought that if we wait a bit longer, something will change and we will be more ready, or be better, or be thinner, or be wealthier. That ol’ elephant just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Today, it’s time to get rid of the elephant once and for all. We’ve been told that the best way to approach a problem is to pick it apart, to “eat the elephant one bite at a time.” Not today! Right now, imagine YOUR elephant, what ever is holding you back, see it as an elephant. Let’s make this guy more friendly. Paint it pink! See, you are smiling already!  Now allow all the what if’s that   fill your elephant up to make themselves visible to you so that you can see them clearly for what they are—stuff…

OK, shrink your elephant down to the size of a postage stamp or even better, to a gummy bear. Pop it into your mouth, chew it up and swallow it. From now on, it’s just poop. Nothing more.

Now you are free to pursue your dreams. With the obstacles gone, you can see clearly that they are right in front of you. Join the fun. Go for the grand prize because you deserve it!