Follow Your Dream~

As many of you are aware, I have been studying Human Design and the Gene Keys with my friend Tuck Self. I have learned a great deal about myself in this process and the unfolding continues. Recently, Tuck was telling me that the shadow of some of my Gene Keys has to do with giving up on my dreams. I didn’t resonate with this because on the surface I am living my dreams—successful coaching practice, success with my books, comfortable lifestyle, etc.

As I dug deeper into what this might mean, I realized that it was more serious than giving up on my dreams. Literally, I couldn’t even tell myself what my dreams were! That was a shock! After extended meditation and pondering this I remembered. My dream had always been to be accepted and appreciated. Upon getting that, I could see how many relationships, jobs, organizations and situations I had been a part of over the years where I was NOT appreciated or accepted. Wow. I know that acceptance and appreciation has to begin within, and I’ve reached a point in my evolution where I DO accept and appreciate myself, and don’t need that from anyone outside me.

I have made a commitment to myself that going forward, everything I do will be a step in the direction of my dreams or I will not do it, and anyone or anything that is not in alignment with my dreams will be let go.

I offer this to you for your own inner work. Is there a place in your life where you have forgotten YOUR dream or quit before you got it?