Open To Receive

Receiving isn’t easy or natural for most of us. Sometimes it takes a major jolt to open us to what receiving is all about. I had been opening to receive and focused on it for the last year, but the events of the last six weeks put me in a place where receiving became a necessity. Amazing people stepped up to support me when I couldn’t take care of myself, and I had to let them. Some profound awareness came in through all this.

When we allow others to give to us, at any level, we open a flow of love. I watched people grow (and glow) through giving to me, and I could feel my own heart open every time I said ‘thank you’.

God’s grace is flowing to us constantly, and all too often we don’t accept it. Maybe we think we aren’t deserving. Regardless, when we don’t open to receive grace and the flow of blessings, we miss a huge opportunity for growth. The beauty of grace is that it has nothing to do with deserving. It’s a gift of unconditional love.