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POWER TALK With Jean Adrienne is LIVE VIDEO and airs every Monday at 7 PM Eastern on & Topics are focused on consciousness-raising and personal empowerment, and Jean interviews many interesting guests. Recorded shows will be posted on Facebook and the recordings aired on iHeart radio as well.   Join the RSS feed and see below for upcoming shows!

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Power Talk airs live every Monday at 7 PM Eastern on as well as my Facebook page. Each week I interview a special author of uplifting spiritual and empowerment books. Here are the upcoming guests:

4.21.2019 – EM Yoga

Lauren Walker is the author several books on Energy Medicine Yoga, and she will share how this practice can support you in bringing your body, mind and spirit into balance and health


4.29.2019 – Simran Singh

Simran Singh is the author many books, host of 11:11 Talk Radio and publisher of the 11:11 Magazine. We will discuss her conversations with the Universe and finding love within.



5.6.2019 –Yummy Messy Road to Reinvention

Kellie Kuecha is an author, entrepreneur and success coach, and we will talk about how to reinvent oneself towards greater success.


6.10.2019 – LYNN ANDREWS

Lynn Andrews, author of the Medicine Woman series of 21 books, will be my guest. She’s just released Power Deck and will tell us about it and how to use it.