Raving Fans



I just had the most profound experience in my life. When I came to Jean my state of being was in turmoil. There were many things I could address but I was having trouble for the past 5 years hitting higher notes on my saxophone and while I was getting better that fact still remained. I started taking lessons and by the 4th week of 2 hour sessions my teacher simply said “you must have a block” and with those words the next day I called Jean Adrienne…

These occurrences have all been an issue for me for at least 30 years and more, some getting worse over time:

My hair around the edges (especially by both ears) was about 2” and always dry and brittle while the rest is 10” and healthy. Now the sides are soft and shiny and itching like crazy ( that’s good because my hair grows when it’s itchy)

My right eye has watered continuously… has not watered since. I can move my bowels with ease. I noticed that while doing my mani and pedi my nails weren’t black, now they are white (especially toes) They have been black and getting worse for 20 years. They are white healthy and new And the best part is my embouchure is perfect. I can now develop it. I can hit higher notes and in tune. I’ve done 1 show since and 2 lessons, and everyone is saying wow you look great. You sound awesome. And I feel it!!!!!!

she transformed my life. Every issue I had that she was not aware of, (remember I just wanted to play higher notes) and the blockages revealed through those other issues;

I could have spent thousands going to the appropriate doctors for my issues – dermatologist for my face and hair – GI for the stomach issues and so on; but with one session with Jean I am free.
T.W. Marietta GA


“I must say I am much clearer than I was before our session, and things have improved overall for me in my life. I just seem to have a lot more clarity about how I feel. I have realized for the first time in my life, I don’t have to have a man “take care of me”. I feel very capable of, and excited about, meeting my own needs. This is foreign to me, and I must admit, it’s pretty great. I don’t feel like I owe anyone anything, and I also don’t feel like I have to make any decisions right now. I am just riding this wave of independence and love, and I wanted to share my appreciation for your help in getting me to this place. No matter what happens in my marriage, I am a beautiful, free, empowered woman with lots of choice. I feel like I “grew up” overnight, finally free from a lifetime of anger, fear and resentment. GW – US


“The Inner speak reading I had with Jean was amazing. The thing that makes it so unique and pivotal to changing things for me is the cards are what is going on and Jean can intuit the information accurately to change the energy immediately.”
LM, North Carolina


“You have been an amazing! i call you as my “spiritual guide” and i tell about you all my friends. At the beginning i was hesitant. didn’t know how you could possibly help me. But then after our first session, a lot have changed in my life. Then after i second one, a lot more have changed. amazing. i have experienced a huge process in my personal life and relationships. Looking forward to our next session.
SB New York


“Jean is one of the most tuned in, energetic turbo-healers I know. Holistic practices are everyone’s choice; however, finding the right individual to do the job is priceless! I have had the trinfinity8 sessions and yes they DO WORK! My family (YES THE WHOLE FAMILY) and I have done the Archon Removal – buckle up it is a bumpy ride – the RESULTS are beyond the measure of words, we are so blessed by this experience our lives run much smoother demonstrating an interconnectedness that everyone should feel at some point in their lives. The unfolding of it all is AMAZING – WE LOVE YOU JEAN from the West Coast Canada.”
SC – Canada


“I am a 69 year old registered nurse who sought out Jean for symptoms I was having in my heart, chest pain. In one session she helped me identify and clear the lifetimes which were still causing pain in my heart. After the clearing I went to have a CT scan of my arteries in my heart. They were clear.I went back to my cardiologist who took me off my heart medication as it was now making me tired and I had no more chest pain.,I have worked with a lot of practitioners or healers and I recommend Jean because of the outcomes of the session work and because of her integrity.”
MJ – Atlanta GA


“I have been involved with spiritual psychology and clearing methodologies since the late 60’s – and have had great successes with them. But I always sensed outnesses that impeded the development and workability of the methodologies; due mostly to some individual’s power aspirations and/or organizational agendas.Jean’s “InnerSpeak” is the purest and most powerful form of clearing methodology I have ever known. In one session it cleared a work issue I didn’t even know I had – and paved the way to a happier and more productive career. Thanks a ton Jean! You and InnerSpeak are truly awesome!”


“Wanted to let you know that the neck pain of 27 years is 90% GONE and the hip pain of 25 years has been gone since our first session!”


“InnerSpeak is truly amazing…I had one session with Jean to unblock my stifled financial situation,and within one month I had an offer and closed on a piece of real estate. It was a God-send. It literally saved me!”


“You are totally AWESOME. I feel different now than I have ever felt. I really feel like a HUGE transformation has happened this time, more so than ever before.”


“WOW! I feel so liberated and open. All of the “heaviness” is gone, as is, all of the negative, draining energy and despair. I feel more like “me” than I have in a long, long time. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. YOU are so awesome!”


” I began working with Jean and her InnerSpeak Process because, as a healer, I needed some healing from another practitioner, so that she could look at my situation objectively. Jean is a skilled and compassionate healer, there is never judgement when working with her. The InnerSpeak process is a very powerful, profound healing method that brings big changes into your life when you are ready. I highly recommend Jean and her lovely energy and her incredible healing skills. You will be SO glad you contacted her.I know I am”
MJA – Nova Scotia


I wanted to let you know how transforming our session was several months ago; however, insights continued to manifest causing the delay in letting you know how much you have helped me spiritually. I continue to transform on many levels because of blocks we released during our session. My weekly chiropractic visit an hour after our session was the most successful, three vertebrae blocks were released after years of non-movement. I feel more connected to myself and the planet because of the knowledge you were able to unfold. I am very appreciative that answers to questions I had for quite some time were revealed.
JFL – Atlanta GA