As we continue in this flow of evolution, what are you noticing? Physical stuff like dizziness, aches and pains and/or emotional periods? For me it has been exhaustion. I have spent countless hours in bed over the last two weeks.

The message I am getting is that our soul is evolving rapidly as more light pours onto the planet, but due to the density of the physical body, it is having a hard time keeping up.

Here are some suggestions to support you on your personal journey to enLIGHTenment:

  • Talk to your body, even to your cells. Remind your body, like you the soul, that it expresses itself in many dimensions and suggest that it locate the highest vibrational aspect of itself to reflect its energy to your body on this physical plane.
  • Ask and intend that your 26 genetic codons increase their vibration to the highest possible frequency.
  • Open your heart center to allow even more light and love to enter because the more love you hold, the more light you can hold and then the higher your DNA can evolve.

We are no longer limited by our genetic predisposition. We CAN be all we want to be. Stay strong and rest. Allow yourself to move gracefully through this amazing time. Pushing does’t help–it actually slows the process. Patience is your gift.