Self Love

We come here to Earth to master lessons about love, and the most important one is self love. Love is the truth of our essence, but how many of us remember that. When we are born, we are a clean slate. We don’t even know that we are a girl or a boy, what country we live in now or what language we are supposed to speak. We just are—a being of love. Our personality begins to be shaped by our family and the world around us from day one. Gradually we are molded into the persona we carry today, and even though we might have been raised by loving parents, chances are we still hold limiting beliefs about who and what we are.

It’s time to re-member. This starts by remembering to love ourselves. One way to accomplish this is to ask your higher self to activate the vibration of self love inside you so that you can become that, and model that love out into the world. As you love yourself you will begin to see the truth of everyone else. They were born into this world just like you, and depending on their circumstances, their ability to love and be loved was shaped just like yours was. So be gentle with yourself and everyone else. Don’t judge—simply love. It’s an inside job…

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