New Year’s Intentions – 2020

Here’s hoping your new year is going fantastic so far!

If you are like me, you made a list of everything you were ready to be free of and burned that bad boy, and you also made a list of intentions for this coming trip around the sun. We are in a time of expansion right now, and if you haven’t done these yet, I highly recommend you get to it right away. Let’s not miss opportunity while it it’s around!

Here are some hints to make your intentions for 2020 as powerful as possible:

  • Focus on feelings rather than specific material things to attain
  • Only list things you desire, not the stuff you don’t want. Energetically, there is no difference between the two, so you might end up manifesting the “don’t” stuff instead of the “do” things
  • Stretch! Why settle for less, when the universal answer is always ‘yes’! Go for the BIG goals!

Fear is the common block to attaining your intentions. It has many faces. Sneaky, huh? Here are a few to keep on the lookout for:

  • Self-sabotage can creep in when you get complacent. ie:  “Wow – I have lost 5 pounds so it won’t hurt if I get that betterment milkshake”
  • Self-doubt can look like “This is too hard. I will never get there.”
  • Self-criticism will stop you in your tracks (I’m not strong enough or good enough)

If you put these in perspective and remember that they are simply FEAR, it’s much easier to buckle up and blow them away. Because you CAN!

Having an accountability partner really helps. My mentorship program is $444 for ninety days of weekly support, clearings and coaching. Let me know if you are ready to make THIS YEAR really count for you!

Accountability – “I’ve Got This”

I have been known to be the Queen Of Procrastination. Recently I decided to stop this madness and get some help in overcoming it. I considered such options as getting a fitness trainer to make me accountable to go to the gym, a nutritionist to support me in healthy eating, even a business coach to prod me to do the things I know I should do to grow my business. 

Then I had a moment of illumination—I tell everyone I coach that change has to come from within. So why should I look outside myself when I know where the answers really are? Certainly I should be walking my talk!

I had a vision. It looked like an isosceles triangle. At each of the points I saw the face of one of my friends (my responsible friends), and each on had committed to assist me with one area where I was desiring to improve. When I needed help I simply called out to the appropriate etheric friend and she would reply, ‘I got this.’ The energy around whatever it was would then shift.

The triangle represents the sacred geometry energetics that support the fabric of my reality. My friends are connected to me through a grid of accountability, and the intention to change is what creates the shift. It’s an inside job!