The Path To Honor

Honor, integrity, and uprightness all follow along once you remember who you are. In order to get there, you must first identify your core values—those ideals that are so important to you that you would defend them at all cost. At this point, you can’t go back because once you know, you know. Period. That knowledge stays in the forefront of your mind and red flags appear if you step outside the boundaries of your integrity.

Your core values and your choices comprise your personal sphere of integrity. You alone are responsible for this sphere. You can choose to accept or reject any ideas, beliefs, commands, paradigms or reality or statements that are presented to you. You are always in choice. As long as you stay in alignment with your personal sphere of integrity, you retain your honor.
Here is an exercise to assist in this process. Start by making a list of the values and beliefs that are the basis for your truth, that are what you ‘stand for’. Then narrow the list down to five or six that are your core beliefs, then stay with these.

The interesting metaphor for honor is your spine. When you have doubt about your truth, you will develop subluxations in your vertebrae. Vice versa, if you are having back pain, it’s a clue that you are out of integrity about something! When you get your honor back in line, your back will fix itself. The body is just that literal!

Louise Hay wrote a marvelous little book many years ago, Heal Your Body. In the paperback version, the small blue one, there is a chart in the back equating each vertebra with the associated energetic issue. I highly recommend this as a handbook on your path.

The energetic component to honor and integrity is held in your chakra system. The chakras, or energetic centers, align with your spine and relate to your organs and glands. They, too, can be affected by your issues of honor and integrity, causing physical manifestations as well. Your body is a great barometer of the health of your soul. When we are out of integrity with our truth, the messages begin to arrive—subtly at first, but stronger if we don’t get the message. It’s like the ol’ carrot and stick principle. When we don’t learn from the carrot, the Universe will present the lesson to us via the stick (or the cosmic two by four)! This will generally involve pain or disease within the physical body.

We come here with a purpose and a path to follow that is unique to each of us. By finding your truth and living in alignment with it, your path becomes a path of honor—free from pain or distraction. It’s a path that leads to peace.