Use Your Good Judgment To Master Spiritual Lessons

With each day that passes, we are getting better at figuring out the new game of life. We’re starting to put the puzzle pieces in their proper places, and the big picture is beginning to appear. This is helping us to integrate all the work we’ve done over the past year or so (finally). Manifestation and conscious creation appear to be challenges for many of us right now, but that is merely an illusion, the last vestiges of duality making them appear that way. Your good judgment will win out, however, so that you can see things as they truly are. You are a creator, manifesting in concert with your Body, the consummate, powerful manifestor that it is.

Good judgment is one of out spiritual lessons, and by using it to see through illusion, you are actually mastering this lesson. When you are able to stay in alignment with your truth, you have greater access to spiritual guidance, which assists in gaining this mastery.

For many of us, boundaries are a challenge, making it difficult to know which guidance to follow (ie: is this my ego, does he/she know more than I, why can’t I hear my guidance?) The key to gaining clarity here is self love. When you love yourself enough to stand in your power, the power of your true nature, that guidance flows vertically, supporting you totally.