What Are You Waiting For?

Most of you reading my blogs are focused on creation, conscious creation of a higher vibration and more sustainable greater reality. The challenge we face is that the game board we are playing on keeps changing, such that the rules of the game that applied yesterday aren’t working today. It’s disorienting and frustrating, isn’t it?

It’s more important now than ever before to: 1) stay present and grounded and 2) remember that we are multi-dimensional beings that are having this human experience. When you do these you are able to connect to higher vibrational grids that DO have the capacity to support you in creating healthier, more sustainable ways of being.  Take the time to go into the silence and let your Higher Self help you to locate the aspect of you that has already mastered the game board. Have that aspect share the energetic information that will assist you in navigating today’s shifting sands. All you have to do is ASK!