It’s so much larger than we think—so much bigger than we can comprehend. Last weekend I was given a momentary glimpse of the divine plan, the big picture, and I was able to see connections I never realized existed. It was amazing, and left me with a lasting feeling of peace and trust.

Everything is connected. The old adage of the movement of a butterfly’s wing is felt on the other side of the world is true. Every choice we make impacts so much more than just our lives, but potentially touches many others at the same time, and potentially prepares you to have just the right information that you will need to respond to a question at some point down the line, to be able to share with someone exactly what they need at that moment.

There are no accidents and no coincidences. Once you can get this concept, life becomes so much easier, freer, because you just know that everything you do is right. As long as you follow your heart and listen to your inner guidance, you will be in alignment—in the right place at the right time.

Find your truth. Let it guide your choices. Be that for the world!