I am reinventing myself! It’s the perfect thing to do during mercury retrograde actually. I have sold my home in the mountains, and will move to Tallahassee Florida this week, to be closer to my daughter and granddaughter, and to begin a new chapter in my amazing life. So, if you are located in the Florida Panhandle, I will be seeing clients there after Labor Day (and still using the phone/skype/zoom.) I have released, purged, cleansed and cleared, and I will be creating from a blank slate!

First, I want to thank everyone who supported me so beautifully with your thoughts and prayers as I moved through my accident and eye injury. Two weeks ago I received my scleral shell, so I am basically back to normal (except that I lost vision in my left eye); no  more pain and looking like I used to!

Next, as part of this reinventing thing, I realized I haven’t been as present in the world as I used to be, so here goes: I am offering a bunch of classes online & live for now, and then when I get my office set up in Tallahassee, in person. I am also free to travel to YOUR area to teach so if you want to host me, pop me an email.

Here are the first classes. I have taught them before, but I’ve added new material based on the new energies and information I have received, so they are fresh:

October 7, 11AM Eastern – Healing With The 7 Rays: This powerful modality is one of my favorite ‘go-to’s’ in my toolbag. In this class you will meet and learn to work with Ascended Masters and the energies and frequencies of color and the seven healing rays. It’s both hand-on and remote, fast and intense. The cost for the class is $144.

October 21 – 11AM Eastern – Karuna Ki: Another hands-on tool, Karuna Ki is another form of Reiki. Karuna means ‘compassionate’, but I have to say this is a kick-butt form of Reiki with its capacity to drill down to the source of the issue and clear it. Cost for the class is $144.

In November I will offer an Introduction to InnerSpeak webinar. This will be a low cost intro for people who are interested in becoming a healing coach, using the tool that I created almost 20 years ago. It’s helped thousands all over the globe to release the blocks that have held them back – and it can help you, too! Stay tuned for more information!

And stay tuned to my world – let’s see how this whole process unfolds! These are exciting times!